Board members
The daily board members consist of:

Henk van Diest


Dieke Westhuis


Jarno van Dijk


Purpose and Policy


The Trusting God Ministries Foundation aims to improve the mental, emotional and material living conditions of people at home and abroad. We offer practical, material and also spiritual help. The foundation aims for the common good. The foundation has no profit motive. The foundation bases its actions on the principles and good message of Jesus Christ as described in the Bible, but focuses its support and assistance on individuals and communities regardless of race, religion or belief. See the policy plan below for the full objective.

The policy plan

Our projects are aimed at providing spiritual and / or material support. Such as beating water wells, assistance with construction projects, giving education and courses etc.

For a detailed description of the objective, policy, activities, etc., see the Current Policy Plan. This can be seen through the button / download button at the bottom of this page.

Report activities

The foundation was established in August 2017. The first year will be spent developing a website, applying for ANBI status, finding sponsors, creating an email address file for newsletters and raising funds.


We raise funds for the foundation by announcing the foundation through speaking engagements, newsletters and the like. We hope to find one-off or monthly sponsors with this. Do you also want to support us?
Our bank account in the Netherlands is: NL25 INGB 0008 0402 88
Or you can donate using PayPal, see page Support Us.

The remuneration policy

The board members receive no remuneration. There is no staff. The aim is also to keep costs as low as possible, so that as much of the money as possible can be spent on the objective. The foundation serves the public good and has no profit motive.

Financial responsibility

The foundation believes that proper use of its resources and that transparency towards donors and third parties in the use of its funds are of great importance.

That is why the accountancy and tax office Inzicht in Ermelo is responsible for accounting and auditing the finances of the foundation. Every year an extensive accountant's report will be prepared by this office. The foundation complies with its obligation to publish by publishing this policy plan and its annual accounts on this website.

You can view the annual statement and the policy plan via the buttons / download buttons at the bottom of this page.

General Information

Name: Stichting Trusting God Ministries

RSIN: 857 836 183

Chamber of Commerce (NL): 6933 7004

Bank account: NL25 INGB 0008 0402 88

Post- and foundation address: Beatrixlaan 14, 3851 RT, Ermelo



Financial statements 2017

You can download our Financial statements 2017 below.

Financial statements 2017

policy plan

We have prepared an up-to-date policy plan and added it as a PDF. You can download and view it below.

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